03 June 2023

Physics and Spirituality

From June 2 to 4, a meeting dedicated to “Physics and Spirituality” will be held in Prato, organized by the Science and Spirituality group, in collaboration with the Fraternity of San Leonardo and the patronage of the Via del Silenzio Network. The aim is to try to promote and stimulate dialogue between science, technology and spirituality. Only a good balance between these two fundamental aspects of human development - the promoters clarify - can guarantee a future of true well-being for human beings and all other forms of life. Fr. Guidalberto Bormolini, a priest in the Christian meditation community called I ricostruttori nella preghiera [The Reconstructionists in Prayer], will kick off the proceedings by discussing La grande liturgia del Cosmo: il canto della creazione dalla fisica alla mistica [The Great Liturgy of the Cosmos: the Song of Creation from Physics to Mysticism]. Antonella Lumini will be among others present.

Women and the Bible at the Maguzzano Abbey

From June 30 to July 2 at the Abbey of Maguzzano, close to Lake Garda, the second Women and the Bible seminar titled will be held on the theme of Foreignness and Proximity in the Bible through Women. The event is promoted by the Leopoldina Naudet Library of the Institute of the Sisters of the Holy Family. The participating theologians include, Cristina Simonelli, Adriana Valerio and Marinella Perroni. For further information: info@bibliotecanaudet.it

Edited by Valeria Pendenza