Questions that educate to freedom

 Questions that educate to freedom  ING-018
05 May 2023
During his encounter with Hungary’s young people at Budapest’s Papp László Arena on Saturday, 29 April, as he touched on a wide range of topics, among them freedom and truth, Pope Francis implicitly returned to the theme of education that is so dear to him. The teaching style suggested by Francis is based on the “pedagogy of questions” because, he said, “it is important that you have someone to encourage you and to listen to your questions, not to give you simplistic, pre-packaged answers, which are useless and cannot make us happy, but to help you fearlessly face the adventure of life as you search for the right answers”. It is not an intellectual position but a reflection that arises from faith and love of the Teacher. “That is exactly what Jesus did”, the Pope said, adding that Jesus “is very good at asking questions. We ...

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