To UN Water Conference in New York

A fundamental human need

 A fundamental human need  ING-012
24 March 2023

“We must join forces, involving the entire international community cooperating to create a consensus so as to allow the integral development of humanity,” the Pope urged in a message sent to participants in the event, “Water and Hope: Experiences and Challenges for the Promotion of Sustainable Development and Care of Our Common Home”, organized within the framework of the UN Water Conference, that took place in New York this week.

In his message, the Holy Father praised the various organizations that came together to join their voices on this crucial issue. He remarked that the initiative lays “the bed of a river of hope” in the face of the “alarming and dramatic” issues facing humanity today. The consequences of climate change and ever-deepening inequalities require “concrete and effective” action, and therefore closer cooperation between states for “humanity’s integral development”, he said.

Pope Francis expressed his hope that the UN Water Conference in New York may find the solutions the world needs so that, by ensuring universal access to water and sanitation, we may “fully accomplish” this right, which is none less than “the right to life, to the future, to hope.”

“We cannot be afraid of the debate, we must grow with it, for ourselves and for the generations to come,” the Pope concluded.