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Impulses of theology for economics

 Impulses of theology  for economics  ING-009
03 March 2023
In the letter sent to the members of the Pontifical Academy of Theology, the new president, Msgr. Antonio Staglianò, clearly wrote that theology as a scientific discipline is becoming increasingly marginal in today’s techno-scientist society. Only knowledge obtained through measurement, testing and verification is considered important in these times. Since the scientific standards of theology are different from those of, say, quantum mechanics or astrophysics, theology runs the risk of becoming a hortus conclusus within academia. This isolation hinders interdisciplinary cooperation between theologians and other scientists, which is exactly what Pope Francis calls for in Veritatis Gaudium. Staglianò therefore advocates a theology that starts from the common history of human beings, from the concrete situations in which they ...

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