Songs in the night

 Songs in the night  ING-006
10 February 2023
We came back singing, with the songs of the Democratic Republic of the Congo ( drc ) and of South Sudan still in our ears, that is, in our hearts. That’s what it means to remember: to bring back to the heart. Among the memories of this long journey to two countries, the first one that lingers and lasts is of the songs. The songs of drc and those of South Sudan are different from one another (due to their different histories), but both spring forth from where one would least expect. They are “songs in the night”, as the Pope said to some 100,000 people gathered in Juba, during his homily dedicated to the proclamation of Crucified and Risen Christ, on Sunday morning, 5 February; it is “a message of hope. Jesus knows your anguish and the hope you bear in your hearts, the joys and struggles that mark your lives, the darkness that assails ...

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