Holy Father arrives in Bahrain on his 39th Apostolic Journey abroad

Living together in peace
and respect

 Living together  in peace and respect  ING-044
04 November 2022

Pope Francis departed from Rome for the Kingdom of Bahrain for his November 3-6 visit, where he will meet with local Christians and encourage interreligious dialogue. During his visit, he will participate in the “Bahrain Forum for Dialogue: East and West for Human Coexistence” and bring his closeness to the country’s small Catholic flock.

Before leaving for Rome’s Fiumicino airport on Thursday morning, 3 November, at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis met with three Ukrainian refugee families hosted by Italian families

Due to knee pain, the Pope did not make the usual rounds among the journalists on the papal flight, but instead asked them to come up for a greeting. One by one the reporters and cameramen accompanying him on the trip then went to greet the Pontiff, who thanked them for their company and work. The Apostolic Visit to Bahrain, Francis said, is “an interesting trip” from which “good news” can emerge.

After arriving at Sakhir Air Base in Bahrain’s central city of Awali, the Pope made a courtesy visit to King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain at the Sakhir Royal Palace. He then addressed local authorities, representatives of civil society, and members of the diplomatic corps.

“I am here in this land of the Tree of Life as a sower of Peace”, the Holy Father said, “ in order to experience these days of encounter”.

For all of the Holy Father’s discourses in Bahrain see next week’s edition