The US model illustrated by Professor Anthony Appiah, New York University

‘We teach students how to be free citizens of the world’

 ‘We teach students how  to be free citizens of the world’  ING-040
07 October 2022
Absent from the Italian public debate, universities are often reduced to the possession or not of a degree; to “how efficient is the private one” and “how has the public one shrunk”. Hardly anyone talks about this. Of course, doing so is very complex: the catchment area is large and diverse, universities often resemble monads, learning methods are changing. Then, if and when we talk of youth, everything becomes more enigmatic. Yet, there are issues that go beyond the purely academic sphere: we are talking about social and psychological phenomena, orientation, the formation of citizens and the evolution of society. “L’Osservatore Romano” spoke about this with Anthony Appiah, professor of philosophy at New York University and President of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. “Here in the US people talk a lot about universities and ...

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