Ugandan women raise money to help Ukrainian families affected by war

Solidarity without limits

 Solidarity without limits  ING-029
22 July 2022
“I know how much a mother cries when she can’t feed her children, it also happened to me”. Carmen lives on a hill on the outskirts of Kampala, in the largest slum in Uganda where the houses are built of mud and corrugated iron. In April she took 10,000 shillings, almost 3 Euro, out of her pocket, which enables her to eat for one week. With 300 other women, she decided to raise funds for the families affected by the war in Ukraine, using the few means they have: almsgiving and work. In the capital of Uganda they break apart stones with a hammer to obtain road metal, which they then sell to road builders. They labour six hours a day under the equatorial sun to be paid the equivalent of 70 cents. In this way Carmen and her friends raised a thousand Euro, which they put in an envelope and consigned to the Apostolic Nuncio. “They are our ...

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