Video message to participants in the Global Youth Tourism Summit

Messengers of hope

 Messengers of hope  ING-027
08 July 2022

On Tuesday, 28 June, Pope Francis sent a video message to participants in the first-ever Global Youth Tourism Summit, promoted by the World Tourism Organization. The Summit took place in Sorrento, Italy, from 27 June to 3 July. The following is a translation of the Holy Father’s words to young people.

I am pleased to greet you, dear boys and girls who are taking part in the first Global Youth Tourism Summit.

For those of you who are still students, tourism coincides with the time of the school holidays. The experiences one can have in this period will remain in your memory.

Besides recreation and rest, I know that some of you use this time to offer help voluntarily in solidarity initiatives; others devote themselves to small jobs to lend a hand to their family or to support their studies; others carve out days of silence and prayer to be with God and to receive light on their path.

In any case, I encourage you to use well and responsibly the time that is available to you: it is in this way that one grows and prepares oneself to take on more demanding tasks.

Dear young people, I hope you will be messengers of hope and rebirth for the future. I send you my blessing and my greeting.