The Holy Father’s prayer

 The Holy Father’s prayer  ING-022
03 June 2022

The following is a translation of the prayer recited by Pope Francis.

O Mary, Mother of God and Queen of Peace, during the pandemic we gathered around You to ask for Your intercession. We asked you to sustain the sick and to give strength to medical personnel; we implored mercy for the dying and the drying of the tears of those who suffered in silence and solitude.

This evening, at the end of the month especially consecrated to You, here we are again before You, Queen of Peace, to beseech You: grant the great gift of peace, bring a quick end to war which has been raging for decades now in various parts of the world, and which has now invaded the European continent as well.

We are aware that peace cannot be the result of negotiations alone nor a consequence of political agreements alone, but is above all an Easter gift of the Holy Spirit.

We consecrated to your Immaculate Heart the warring nations and asked for the great gift of the conversion of hearts. We are confident that with the weapons of prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and with the gift of your grace, the hearts of men and the fortunes of the whole world can be changed.

Today we raise our hearts to You, Queen of Peace: intercede for us to Your Son, reconcile hearts full of violence and vengeance, straighten out thoughts blinded by a desire for easy enrichment, may your lasting peace reign over all the earth.