Titus Brandsma

 Titus Brandsma  ING-020
20 May 2022
Anno Sjoerd Brandsma was a Dutch theologian, journalist and author. He was born in Ugoklooster, Netherlands, on 23 February 1881. His parents, Titus and Tjitsje Postma, had five other children. All but one chose the religious life. Theirs was a profoundly Catholic family and the foundation for Anno’s own deep faith. When he made his religious vows at the end of his novitiate year with the Carmelite Order, on 3 October 1899, he took the name Titus, in honour of his father. He was ordained a Carmelite priest on 17 June 1905, when he was 24 years old. After three years in Rome, where he studied philosophy and sociology, Fr Titus returned to the Netherlands, where he founded a newspaper and was eventually appointed as ecclesiastical assistant of the Catholic Journalist Association. One of his primary interests was the study of mysticism, ...

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