Winds of joy to conquer winds of war

08 April 2022
Strong winds blow over Malta. It is not by chance that ancient maps placed the rose of winds precisely at the level of this small island in the middle of the Mediterranean. In this two-day journey, the winds were mild, present but light and gentle, proving weather forecasts wrong. And yet they were days that were “filled with wind”, different kinds of wind, indeed opposing ones. There is the wind of joy and of welcome, the wind that Pope Francis brought with his visit. In fact, Francis recalled, above all, the joy that is both the driving force and the goal of the Church’s journey, referring a good seven times to the fact that the Church’s joy is to evangelize, during his off-the-cuff remarks before the Shrine of Ta’ Pinu on the Maltese island of Gozo. By doing this, stripping everything down to the very essence of the Christian ...

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