Holy Father’s prayer intention for the month of March

For a Christian response to bioethical challenges

 For a Christian response to bioethical challenges  ING-011
18 March 2022

“Let us pray that we may give a Christian response to bioethical challenges”.

Pope Francis made this invitation to Catholics in his prayer intention for the month of March.

He noted that science in the field of bioethics has made great advances in recent years, presenting a host of problems.

Christians, the Pope said, must respond to these challenges and not bury “our heads like an ostrich”.

He called for biotechnology to always be “based on respect for human dignity”.

Pope Francis gave the example of the careless disposal of human embryos. “Our throw-away culture is also applied to [human embryos]. No, that can’t be done. Extending this culture in such a way does so much harm”.

He also criticized how the search for profit conditions biomedical research, saying we must realize that profound changes are occurring and discern them well.

The Pope clarified that the Church never seeks to limit technological advances, but rather tries to accompany them.

“It’s about protecting both human dignity and progress”, he said. “That is to say, we cannot pay the price of human dignity for progress. Both go together, in harmony”.

Finally, Pope Francis prayed that the world might respect human dignity as it makes technological advances.

“We pray for Christians facing new bioethical challenges,” he urged. “May they continue to defend the dignity of all human life with prayer and action”.

A press release accompanying The Pope Video — which is produced by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network — said this month’s prayer intention was created with the help of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

His intention, the statement pointed out, calls for “an even more profound and subtle discernment” regarding bioethics.

Fr. Frédéric Fornos, sj, International Director of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, said the Church always promotes respect for life from conception until natural death.

“These are necessary criteria for discernment which help us to leave behind a throw-away culture and which promote integral respect for human life — the entire extent of human life”, he added. “Let us pray that, in the face of the new challenges of bioethics, we may always promote the defence of life through prayer and social action”.