Northeast India’s indigenous women

Closeness with Ukrainian women

 Closeness with Ukrainian women  ING-010
11 March 2022
On International Women’s Day, indigenous Miao women of northeast India’s Miao Diocese pray for Ukrainian women and their children. In the midst of horror stories of the suffering of women and children emerging from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a group of women from Miao Diocese in northeast India’s Arunachal Pradesh chose to express their prayerful solidarity with their counterparts and their children in the besieged nation. Adoration and prayer “Heartbreaking images of children and women are everywhere. Ukraine is reeling under pain and there is [a] blood bath with no hope to the end of this mindless war,” said Likro Mossang, the President of Women Commission of Miao Diocese in east Arunachal Pradesh. “We stand in solidarity with them and pray for them this Women’s Day that there will soon be an end to their agony.” A group of 70 ...

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