The world tour in poetry
of a reporter

Ex itinere
05 March 2022

Deaths of migrants off Tripoli

Le cimitière marin [The marine cemetery]

What is your name

Sonnant dans l'ame
Your frail child’s body
 in the wrecked sea

Sonnant dans l'ame
the bottom emerged
from the abyss
of our barbarity.

Of indifference is the deaf cry
the hatred of the animals
Amère, sombre et sonore cisterne...

Of the Mare nostrum
pour les maison des morts
exiled conscience
of dead men

MEXICO - Chihuaha - Ciudad Juarez
The frontier of America

The city of bones

El tren de la muerte stops and unloads
those who survived clinging to the wagons.
Without going without returning
is the ebb and flow of the human wave
that breaks
against the dam of the dream
of the Grande Norte.

Ciudad Juarez
is the burning dust of the desert
city of bones
day after day stripped bare
by the violence of the Migra
the wind of horror
of the narco-war
and blood of women killed and disappeared
The net separates
a ditch separates
death separates
El Paso is a border.
Only it has no border
the state of the corrupt carcass