Pope Francis (R) greets a woman during an ecumenical prayer with migrants at the Roman Catholic ...
10 December 2021
Yazan is crying. He is hungry. He was born on 23 August, at sea, on the mare nostrum between Turkey and Cyprus where he managed to arrive. Now he is there, in the second row of Nicosia’s Church of the Holy Cross, a few metres away from the Pope who is leading the ecumenical prayer with migrants, the concluding moment of his apostolic visit to the island of Saint Barnabas. However, Yazan’s father is not there. He was “rejected” along with his other children — brothers and sisters of the little boy who is no longer crying: his mother Kawthar gave him some powdered milk. Every now and again, however, he makes his voice heard, “disturbing” the address of the Holy Father who is having a dialogue with migrants after having listened to four intense and dramatic testimonies. But with his words, the true “disturber” is the Pope, to the point that ...

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