Respect the rights and dignity of children

Childhood denied by war, poverty and exploitation

A boy carries coal at an open cast coal field at Dhanbad district in the eastern Indian state of ...
26 November 2021
World Children’s Day [20 November], a date that recalls the ratification of the 1989 UN Convention, containing the universal principles on the protection of the children and young people of the world, takes place at a time in which it is urgent to talk about the international situation of childhood, which is complex and aggravated by the conditions of those countries that are unable to guarantee adequate living conditions to minors. There are children who live a dignified life and others who survive, constantly exposed to the risk of death due to absolute poverty, lack of access to medical treatment, violence, abuse, discrimination and marginalization. Protecting the inviolable rights of each child is the crucial theme of this Day, but it is also the starting point from which to accept the challenges that the United Nations Organization ...

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