Achieving the “Zero hunger” goal by 2030 less likely

Millions of children suffering from malnutrition

 Millions of children suffering from malnutrition  ING-043
22 October 2021
Malnutrition, especially of children, continues to worsen daily among the world’s vulnerable communities. The worsening of this serious food crisis is the result of a series of factors, including an increase in poverty, inequality, climate change, widespread wars and the Covid pandemic. According to a recent Unicef report, 149 million children under the age of five have suffered from stunted growth and development and at least 45 million are suffering from wasting, which is “the most life threatening form of malnutrition”. The report warns that, “two thirds of young children are still not getting the minimum diverse diet they need to grow well”. Without urgent action, an additional 9 million children could suffer from wasting by 2022. On the global scale, hunger and malnutrition account for almost half of global child deaths (2.4 ...

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