Faced with the temptation of fear and closure

The fatigue and the risk of freedom

 The fatigue and the risk of freedom   ING-038
17 September 2021
Freedom is demanding, and this is why man falls into the temptation to avoid it, preferring a condition of slavery that might be more comfortable in the end. In the first part of the Pope’s journey to Slovakia, the theme of freedom was a common thread that intersected the various events and discourses in this “middle earth”, which in its long history, has often known difficult trials and long periods of oppression. Speaking first to religious communities, then to civil authorities and again to the entire clergy assembled in the Cathedral of Saint Martin, the Pope recalled the temptation ever present in the human heart to reject freedom, to take the “shortcut” of slavery by surrendering to a centralizing power or a single mindset that, indeed, “sees to everything”, satisfying to a minimum the needs of its citizens. This “is what Dostoevsky ...

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