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Youth without hope society without a future

· Benedict XVI to the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for Culture ·

“If young people no longer hope and move forward, if they do not integrate  their energies, vitality and ability to anticipate the future in the dynamics of history, we will find ourselves with a humanity folded over on itself, without trust and without a positive outlook on tomorrow”. In brief, if the youth loses hope, society has no future. Benedict XVI is convinced of this. He spoke about the emerging youth culture on Thursday morning, 7 February, to the members of the Pontifical Council for Culture on the occasion of their Plenary Assembly.

The Pope relaunched the concern of the entire Church for the “education emergency”, stating that “it goes along with other emergencies which touch the various dimensions of the person and their fundamental relationships, to which we cannot respond in an evasive or ordinary way”.

The Pope's thoughts go to “the increasing difficulties in the field of work and to the effort in being faithful to our assumed responsibilities”. He also mentioned the “decisively positive phenomena” such as the “generous and courageous initiatives of many youth volunteers who dedicate their energy to the neediest; the experiences of sincere and profound faith of many girls and boys who joyfully give witness to their membership in the Church; the effort to build in many parts of the world societies capable of respecting freedom and the dignity of everyone, beginning with the smallest and weakest”.




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 14, 2019