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Young people weary of seeking work

· Report of the International Labour Organization on unemployment among the new generations ·

The global rate of unemployment among the young in 2012 has reached its maximum since the crisis began and no decrease can be expected until 2016 at the soonest. In all 75 million young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are jobless, an increase of about four million since 2007. But what is increasing above all is the number of disheartened youth who give up looking for work out of resignation.

According to the predictions in the report, 12.7 percent of young manpower throughout the world will be unemployed this year, a figure that has not changed since the peak of the crisis reached in 2009 and is slightly more than that of the past year which was 12.6 percent. However, the rate would be higher still if those who, discouraged by the lack of prospects, were also to give up or postpone their search for a work post.




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Jan. 22, 2020