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​Young people
called to mission

· At the Angelus, the Pope issues a reminder that the Church is at the service of the least ones ·

During the Angelus on Sunday morning, 21 October, Pope Francis invited the thousands of faithful gathered in Saint Peter’s Square to pray so that the new generations may “not lack the announcement of the faith and the call to cooperate in the mission of the Church”.

On the day the Church was celebrating World Mission Day with the theme “Together with young people, let us bring the Gospel to all”, the Pontiff drew a parallel with the ongoing Synod on Youth. He explained that “by listening to them and engaging them we discover many witnesses of young people who have found in Jesus the meaning and joy of life. And they have often encountered him thanks to other young people, who have already participated in this, his company of brothers and sisters that is the Church”, he added. Pope Francis then turned his thoughts to the “many Christians, men and women, lay people, consecrated people, priests, bishops, who have spent their lives and are spending them still today far from their homelands, proclaiming the Gospel. May our love, our gratitude and our prayers be for them”. He then invited the faithful to recite the Hail Mary.

During his greetings at the end of the Angelus, the Holy Father mentioned the beatification of the Jesuit Tiburzio Arnáiz Muñoz, Founder of the Missionaries of the Rural Parishes, that had taken place one day earlier in Malaga, Spain. He also made reference to “Share the Journey”, an initiative of Caritas Internationalis, led by the President, Cardinal Luís Antonio Tagle, with several bishops and people from various countries around the world. “You have made a brief pilgrimage to Rome, to experience the desire to walk together, thus learning to know one another better. I encourage this initiative of ‘sharing the journey’, which is being promoted in many cities and which can transform our relationship with migrants”, the Pope said.

While earlier commenting on a Bible passage from the Gospel of Mark which tells the story of when the brothers James and John ask for a privileged place beside Jesus, Pope Francis took the opportunity to highlight that in the Church the “way of service is the most effective antidote against the disease of seeking the first places”.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 15, 2019