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Work, home and earth

· Rights to safeguard for a more just world ·

The Pope granted an interview to Straatnieuws, a newspaper published by the homeless in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and it was picked up by other worldwide newspapers associated with the International Network of Street Papers, which has 113 members. 

The interview states: it is still early when we come to the Vatican side door to the left of St Peter’s Basilica. The Swiss Guard know we are coming and let us pass. We head to the Casa Santa Marta, because that is where Pope Francis lives. The Casa Santa Marta is probably the most particular three-star hotel in the world. The large white building is the residence of cardinals and bishops who work for the Vatican, as well as those who are passing through, and is a home to cardinals during the conclave.

There they are also anticipating our arrival. The two ladies at the reception desk, as in every hotel, kindly show us through a side door. The meeting room was already ready. A rather large space, with a desk, sofa, a few tables and chairs, this is the room where the Pope welcomes guests during the week. Then, the anticipation began. Marc, the salesman from Straatnieuws, is the most quiet of everyone, as he sits in his chair awaiting what will come.

Suddenly the official photographer arrives. “The Pope is coming”, he whispers, and before we know it Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of 1.2 billion Catholics, enters the room. He carries with him a large white envelope. “Please sit, friends”, he says with a kind gesture, “it is such a pleasure to have you here”. The Holy Father gives the impression of a man who is calm and friendly, and at the same time energetic and precise. Once seated, he apologizes for not speaking Dutch, and we forgive him immediately.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 14, 2019