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Work and dignity

· Pope Francis in Molise invokes the courage of solidarity to face the scourge of unemployment ·

Nothing is more important than human dignity. Pope Francis' message is clear: he speaks to the people of Molise on Saturday on 5 July, but his thought goes beyond the borders of the region. reaches all of those places in which various interests, even if important, are placed before the dignity of the human being. During Mass in Campobasso, the Pope indicated that there is need to supplement the soul to enable it to look to the future with hope. But there is also “so much need for this commitment, in the face of situations of material and spiritual instability, especially in the face of unemployment, a sore that demands every effort and a great deal of courage on the part of all”.

Shortly before the Mass, he spoke with workers and industrialists, re-emphasizing a concept he has expressed on other occasions: true dignity for the labourer and being able to bring home the bread. On this topic Pope Francis said, “Not having work is not only lacking what is necessary to live, no. We can eat every day: we go to the Caritas, we go to this association, we go to the club, we go there and they feed us. But this is not the problem. The problem is not bringing home the bread: this is serious, and this takes away dignity!”

Text of the Pope's address in Italian to the world of labour 

Homily in Campobasso, in Italian




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 24, 2020