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The words that kill

· The Angelus and the visit to the Parish of St Thomas the Apostle in Rome ·

That which dirties the soul comes from the heart and out of the mouth. Therefore it is very important to know what lurks inside of us, to have the courage to rid ourselves of the things that are not good and to always speak the truth. What Pope Francis asked of the faithful on Sunday, 16 February, is very demanding. First at the Angelus and then in a parish on the outskirts of Rome, the Pope insisted on the need to not let our souls be dirtied by “hate, revenge and the many other sinful situations”, which pour from the depths of each of us.

At noon the Holy Father spoke to the faithful gathered in St Peter's Square. He slightly surprised them by saying that “we do not need to take the life of another” and then explained that we can kill even through gossip, because gossip can kill someone else's reputation. And he convincingly said: “if each one of us decided to avoid gossiping, we would eventually become holy!”. This would also be a demonstration of understanding the love for Jesus, of being motivated to reconcile with our brother before “showing our devotion to the Lord in prayer”.

A little while later, in one of the southern most neighborhoods of Rome, the Pope went to visit the Parish of St Thomas the Apostle. There he invited the parishioners to leave behind the pessimistic behaviours of gossip, insult, slander, hate for others which kill. And turned again wit the advice that we should continue to examine our conscience in order to understand if there is love or hate in our hearts.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 17, 2019