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Women for Women in Morocco

In Morocco in recent decades very important steps forward have been taken in the field of health care for women and children. Nevertheless the mother-child mortality rates continue to be high, particularly if one takes into account that 93 per cent of deaths are avoidable and 73 per cent of these occur in health-care structures. Moreover, in this country are reported the highest rates of incidence and mortality in the region as regards cervical cancer, the second most frequent typology of tumours in women. Hence in the endeavour to limit this phenomenon improving assistance at births and post-partum care is a priority. To this end about two years ago a programme for training health-care personnel was promoted. So far 369 professionals, more than 70 per cent of whom are women, have been trained in specific health-care assistance activities such as emergency obstetric and neo-natal care, cervical cancer screening and neo-natal reanimation.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 19, 2019