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​Women religious give trafficking a kick

On the eve of the World Football Cup that will be opening shortly in Brazil, Talitha Kum, the international network of women religious against trafficking in human beings, has launched the campaign “Play for life, report trafficking”. Thanks also to collaboration with Um grito pela vida [A Cry for Life], a local association connected with the Conference of Brazilian Religious, the project takes up similar campaigns, carried through successfully on the occasion of the World Cup Games in Germany and in South Africa. “The aim”, explained Gabriella Bottani, a Comboni missionary, at the press conference for its presentation held in the Vatican on 20 May, “is to discourage indifference to the various forms of trafficking oriented to sexual exploitation – also of minors – to work in conditions of slavery and to the trafficking of organs. Trafficking, moreover, remains one of the most brutal ways of destroying human dignity, of wiping out the dreams, the hopes and the very lives of thousands of people”. In this third Campaign 2014, the place in which the football championships are being held acquires a special importance: “on the international scene the social, economic and geographical complexity of Brazil marks it as a country in which all the phases of the victims’ journey and exploitation coexist. Brazil is therefore the country of the origin, transit and destination of trafficking”. The victims are above all young women who are poor and barely educated. “The message of the campaign is a concrete and positive proposal of life. During the preparation of the World Cup we noted that threats and opportunities play in the same field: on the one hand are possibilities of greater earnings and the hope of improving living conditions, and on the other, an increase in situations of social degradation and threats to life and to the fundamental rights”. 




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 20, 2020