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​Women photographers and war

For more than a month the city of Caegu, South Korea, hosted a large exhibition, Women in War. It displayed the work of women photographers who come from various countries, all of whom are up against clashes, conflicts, violence and above all wars, from the war in Vietnam to the conflict in Gaza, from Rwanda to the former Yugoslavia, from Kashmir to the Congo, passing through the war on the borders between India and Pakistan. The works – one of which is reproduced here on the right – were divided into two sections: The Memory of War and The Memory of Truth. In certain cases, since men are barred from the domestic front for social or religious reasons, the women photographers were the only ones to be able to witness scenes otherwise unheeded by their colleagues. And from this vast and varied gallery of gazes, piles of rubble, lights and hopes, a great cry arose, asking for peace. 




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 17, 2020