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​Women with disabilities: business women in Gaza

The story was told by Michela Trigari in the magazine SuperAbile: in the Gaza Strip Iman Al Rantisi and Mona Al Masri, who are both 27 years old and deaf, have set up a beauty centre, while Sawsan Hassouna, a 31-year-old with a serious visual impairment, has opened a nursery school; and furthermore, if Sawsan Al-Khaleeli, affected by dwarfism and with a malformation of the hands, after earning a degree in accountancy, manages an embroidery shop, while Nida’a Tala’at Mahmoud Al’okor, a 17-year old with a motor disability, has started a small rabbit-breeding business. In addition, Ghada Al-Haj Salem, 24, who holds a diploma in multimedia and has serious hearing problems, works as a graphic artist, while Sameeha Al-Sa’douni, with a degree for the non-sighted, gives remedial courses at her centre. These are a few of the 24 women with disabilities who, thanks to EducAid, the NGO of Rimini, and its project “Ricomincio da me”, have given life to as many micro-businesses in the Gaza Strip. The project, Francesca Manzoni of EducAid emphasized, has many positive and psychological effects. “The young women stop feeling they are a burden to their families and society, and start considering themselves productive subjects integrated into their own communities and at the same time contributing to the wellbeing of their own domestic nuclei”.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 29, 2020