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Women and children in the fields of Somalia

Because of the armed conflict and drought, more than one million people - mostly women and children - still live in refugee camps in Somalia.

From a press communication of Amnesty International we learn that many women live in tents made of canvas and of plastic, at the mercy of violence of all kinds. Some of the victims are very young, like the fourteen year old raped recently in a field of Mogadishu while she was recovering from an epilyptic seizure. Very few incidents are reported to the local police, who tend not to start either research into or legal proceedings against the perpetrators. The inability and lack of willingness on the part of Somali authorities to investigate these crimes and bring the perpetrators to court, condemns the victims to the most complete isolation, increasing the general climate of impunity. According to UN figures, in 2012 at least one thousand and seven hundred cases of violence in refugee camps in Somalia were recorded, seventy percent of which committed by armed men dressed in government uniforms.




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 11, 2019