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​The women of Amatrice

Annarita Gianni, who was 19 years old at the time of the earthquake, took a beautician’s course and is now employed at Ascoli; Assunta Perilli, an archaeologist, was able to purchase a table loom, thereby taking up a new artisanal activity which also involves many elderly women of the area; Marisa Di Marco has acquired a desiccator for her historic shop selling fresh pasta in Amatrice, succeeding in creating a product which keeps longer and can even be sold far away. Fortheir part Rita Arcangeli and Sonia Santarelli have acquired a tractor, two calves and some hay in order to continue their agricultural activity. They all benefited from the funds made available by the non-profit association WeWorld, after the violence of the earthquake in 2016. Their stories have now been collected by the association, which has returned to Amatrice in order to see the results of the Aiuto Diretto [direct help] project, indispensable to enable people to set out anew and seekto return to normality. This is one form of concrete and psychological support which can give trust and encourage responsibilityand which has involved more than 300 people. 




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 15, 2019