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Winning by telling the truth

· ‘L’Osservatore Romano’ awarded the Bravo Prize ·

Every year for the past 40 years, the Bravo Prize has recognized and promoted the loftiest mission of serving human dignity, through social communications. A vocation that the media fulfills “as a bridge between the public and the truth”.

For this reason all media sectors are eligible for a Bravo Prize. This year on 25 January in Madrid, the Bravo Prize for the press was awarded to L’Osservatore Romano for its efforts in communications over 150 years.

“The newspaper seeks to show friendship with brotherly relations and through language”, Prof. Giovanni Maria Vian, our Editor-in-Chief, said, expressing his gratitude. Based on a universal dimension in the cultural debate, in ecumenical attention, in building auspicious relations between religions and with non-believers, this mission is enhanced by the dissemination of the paper’s content on its website (

With this award Prof. Vian added, “the Episcopal Commission also wishes to underline the special relationship the Pope’s newspaper has with the Spanish-speaking world and with Spain”, a country in which L’Osservatore Romano is widely distributed, thanks to an agreement with the daily La Razón .




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 24, 2020