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Where is your brother slave and outcast?

· To avoid becoming complicit in abuse, violence and exploitation ·

“Preferential love for the poor”, writes Prof. Guzmán Carriquiry Lecour, current Secretary in charge of the Vice-Presidency of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, “has been a extremely important contribution of the Latin American Church to the entire Catholic world, recovering from Gospel sources and from the great Catholic history, that fundamental and distinctive characteristic of being Church, of being Christian”. Recalling the numerous interventions of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, first as archbishop and then as Pope and also, on the theme of new slavery, human trafficking, and the least of society considered leftovers and trash – the poor, children, the sick, women, workers, the elderly and the unborn - Guzmán Carriquiry Lecour concludes: “The question asked of Cain: 'Where is your brother'? Is asked of all of us today: Where is your brother slave, your brother outcast?”.

Guzmán Carriquiry Lecour's text is part of his report to the annual conference of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute entitled “ Poverty and the Common Good. Putting the Preferential Option for the Poor at the Service of Human Dignity”, to be held at the Vatican, at Casina Pio IV on 25-28 June. 




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 26, 2020