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· ​Pope visits the guests of the Dono di misericordia shelter ·

After attending the Synod on Thursday evening, 15 October, Pope Francis greeted the 30 homeless men staying at the shelter Dono di misericordia in Rome. The Holy Father thanked the men for inviting him to their home, which the Jesuits donated precisely for them. His 20 minute visit was marked by emotion. The shelter is located on the property of the Society of Jesus and was opened thanks to contributions made by the Office of Papal Charities.

The guests, most of whom are Italian but also include other nationalities, were excited to shake the Pope's hand, as they were greeted individually. Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, the Papal Almoner, introduced each guest to the Pope, explaining how the shelter was made possible thanks to the faithful who request papal blessings. In his way, he continued, the Apostolic blessings are important for two reasons, for the person who receives the blessing itself and for the donation which reaches many people in need. 




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 14, 2019