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​The weaker sex

“At first glance” the editorial of the Economist said a few weeks ago, “the patriarchy appears to be thriving”, with men dominating, from politics to technology and even the cinema. “So it might seem odd to worry about the plight of men. Yet there is plenty of cause for concern”. In general far more men than women end up in prison, they have the highest rate of suicide, they are often separated from their children and have fewer university degrees than women; but “one group in particular is suffering. Poorly educated men in rich countries have had difficulty coping with the enormous changes in the labour market and the home over the past half century”. The result for them “is a poisonous combination of no job, no family and no prospects”. And the British weekly concludes “The growing equality of the sexes is one of the biggest achievements of the post-war era: people have greater opportunities than ever before to achieve their ambitions regardless of their gender. But some men have failed to cope with this new world. It is time to give them a hand” – for the well-being of all, it is worth adding.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 21, 2020