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We Want Sex

· The film ·

England 1968: the Ford factory with its fifty-five thousand workers is the industrial heartland of Essex. However while the men work in the new department, 187 women sew the leather seats in a factory built in 1920 that is quite literally falling apart. And when the female workers find themselves classified as unskilled the cup is overflowing. Overflowing with courage, determination and a good dose of irony, they manage to make themselves heard by the unions, the local community and the government, and they will eventually manage to lay down the foundations of English law on equal rights and wages. But it will not be easy: behind the famous strike of 1968, there were not only the public implications of their claim. It was perhaps the personal and family dimensions which were the hardest to manage. These are the aspects of the film which the British director, Nigel Cole, We Want Sex (Made in Dagenham, 2010) manages to capture and express with great prowess - thanks to actresses, Sally Hawkins, Miranda Richardson and Rosamund Pike. Cinema and history. (@ GiuliGaleotti )




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 14, 2019