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We need a pact between teachers, schools and families

· Women’s voices ·

Our work is inspired by the words of the Holy Father (and of the Bible). “Young man, I say to you, arise! Stand up. I appoint you as a witness of what you have seen”. This means that our objective as teachers is to help children stand on their own two feet, to make their own decisions as to when to say “yes” and when to say “no”. Young people learn by doing, by living: experience is the best teacher.

Having said this, no one acts alone and even we, adults and teachers, must make a pact: we need a pact between schools, families, educators, and all the adults in the world; and the most important thing is that the family be at the heart of this coalition.

We teachers also need training, we need to work together. One of the projects we are trying to implement together with FIDAE, the Federation of Catholic Primary and Secondary Schools of Italy, is to build better and stronger links with families. At the moment there are so many documents and written regulations which we teachers have to comply with, but what we need even more is practice and experience. The role of all schools, and in particular Catholic schools, is to help young people make the most suitable decisions for their lives through hard work.

It is an arduous task. But the most important thing is to believe in young people, to see them develop and to want to play a significant role in their development. We must offer young people guidelines but must never be invasive. On the contrary, it is important to understand their problems, to imagine how to face them, to act and then to make good practices contagious in the world. This is more or less what we try to teach them with the project Io posso![I can]. The children apply to the themes of sustainable development the methodology Design for Change, based on “feel, imagine, do and make, share”. What 5,000 children across the world do will be presented to the Pope in Rome in November (text compiled by Francesca Merlo).

Virginia Kaladich
President of FIDAE




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 21, 2019