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We are not part-time Christians

· At the General Audience the Pope talks about the action of the Holy Spirit ·

And to the Sardinian faithful he announces his intention to visit the Shrine of Bonaria in September

Pope Francis intends to go to Cagliari this September to pay homage to Our Lady of Bonaria. He announced it himself this morning, Wednesday, 15 May, at the end of the General Audience, greeting the groups present in St Peter's Square. The Pope also told the story of the historic bond of “brotherhood” between Buenos Aires and Cagliari due precisely to the common Marian devotion for the Madonna of Bonaria.

A little earlier, proposing a reflection on the Holy Spirit, the Pope had called the attention of the faithful to the fact that we cannot be Christian only at certain moments or in certain circumstances: we are always Christians. A clear and direct message: “we are not part-time Christians”, he said, especially “in an age in which people are rather sceptical of truth”. And mentioning Benedict XVI, Pope Francis recalled that he “has frequently spoken of relativism, that is, of the tendency to consider nothing definitive and to think that truth comes from consensus or from something we like”.

Lastly, addressing the organizers of the march for life in Poland, the Pope renewed his appeal for the defence of human life from conception until its natural end.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 22, 2020