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Washington fears further violence

· Tension is still running high after the mortal attack last week at the American Consulate in Bengasi ·

The United States are preparing for a prolonged period of unrest in the world, an instability – according to some representatives of the administration in Washington D.C. – with unforeseeable diplomatic and political consequences. Moreover the protests against the video produced in the United States and considered offensive to Islam show no sign of abating.

In Karachi, Pakistan, one demonstrator died and at least eleven others were hurt on the night of the protests. This was reported by the paper The Express Tribune. Hundreds of demonstrators of the Islamic group Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen had gathered outside the American Consulate for a sit-in. The police intervened with tear-gas and water canons to disperse the crowd. In Yemen hundreds of extremists are protesting today at San’a, demanding the expulsion of the American ambassador. And clashes are also being recorded in Jakarta.




St. Peter’s Square

July 23, 2019