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War is not the answer

· At the Angelus the Pope recalls his visit on Saturday to Redipuglia and launches an appeal for the Central African Republic ·

War is madness “from which mankind has not yet learned its lesson”. Still alive in the Pope's heart was the memory of his visit the day before to Redipuglia. At the Angelus on Sunday, 14 September, Pope Francis spoke again about conflicts that “are still in progress today” in various parts of the world.

Wondering when we will learn our lesson about war, he called everyone “to look at the Crucified Jesus to understand that hatred and evil are defeated through forgiveness and goodness”, to understand once and for all that “the response of war only increases evil and death”.

Regarding this, the Holy Father recalled the frightening statistics” of the Great War — “it is said that approximately eight million young soldiers and seven million civilians died” — and several of the situations which are afflicting humanity today, such as the conflict in the Central African Republic where, today, the United Nations Mission is beginning today (Monday, 15th), in order to favour peace and protect civilians. The Pontiff assured them “the commitment and prayers of the Catholic Church”, he also encouraged the efforts of the international community who is aiding the Central Africans of good will with the wish that violence makes way for dialogue.

Recalling the Liturgical Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the Pope's thoughts turned to “our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted and killed because of their faith in Christ”, especially “where religious freedom is still not guaranteed or fully realized”.

Finally the Pope entrusted the 20 couples who he had just united in matrimony in the Vatican Basilica to the protection of the Virgin Mary.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 17, 2020