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Via Castellana Bandiera

· The film ·

Samira and Rosa are two women broken by pain. Samira has lost a daughter. Rosa is living a love relationship in deep crisis. The two women, driving their cars, meet in the narrow alley of via Castellana Bandiera in Palermo and neither gives way to the other. Facing each other off in a silent duel of glances filled with pain and resentment in which the difficulties of  each are off-loaded on to the other, they become aversion and hatred towards the one who one happens to encounter. Via Castellana Bandiera (2013), directed by Emma Dante, is a completely feminine metaphor for the way men and women react when faced with difficulties. They stop, they freeze, instead of giving and seeking solidarity they separate themselves from every form of humanity and common sense and transform their pain into fighting each other. Dominated by hatred, they are not able to see the possibilities that life offers. The road, which throughout the film appears narrow and crowded with people, who only know how to participate in an inhuman fight, is in reality large and spacious. Anyone can pass through and, in fact, at the end of the film an entire neighborhood crosses. Difficulties can be overcome. We only need to look beyond ourselves. (@ ritannaarmeni )




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 8, 2019