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Unity prevails in conflict

· The Pontiff speaking to the bishops of Guinea turns to the current situation in the world and at the Angelus he recalls that Jesus' mercy is greater than prejudice ·

Only by remaining united in love can we witness the truth of the Gospel and strive to transform this “world broken by many conflicts” into a truly fraternal and reconciled community.

The Holy Father received this morning, Monday, 24 March, the bishops of the Bishops' Conference of Guinea on their ad limina visit. There he addressed once again a passage from his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium in order to reaffirm the witness to the love which unites the children of God, which makes them the “light that attracts”, making room for the birth of a fraternal society where the desire to stay together prevails in various conflicts which still divide humanity today. “Divisions and disaccord among Christians,” he said, “are the greatest obstacle to evangelization” because they favour growth among groups which take advantage of poverty and of the credulity of people in order to propose easy solutions, but ones which are deceptive”.

Among the Holy Father's concerns were the conditions of extreme poverty in the country. Despite the scarcity of the available resources, he invited them to let the presence of the Church be known to the poor, assisting them both spiritually and materially. He also asked that priests be coherent witnesses of the Jesus' merciful love.

A love which the Pope also recalled at the Angelus on Sunday, 23 March, in St Peter's Square. Mercy, he said, “is the greatest prejudice and Jesus is so merciful”. “Every encounter with Jesus changes our lives and every encounter with Jesus fills us with joy”, Pope Francis repeated at the end of the Marian prayer, inviting those present to always remember two phrases: “the encounter with Jesus changes our lives and every encounter with Jesus fills us with joy”. 




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 15, 2019