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United against IS

· Washington and Baghdad prepare to launch massive operation ·

A large offensive to halt the jihadists in northern Iraq: this is the plan being prepared by the Pentagon and Iraqi authorities to change the direction of the conflict against the so-called Islamic State (is).

According to the Washington Post, the operation will get off the ground next spring. The main objective is to deliver, from is control, the area of Mosul and other zones connecting with Syria. With this in mind, sources indicated that not only is the training of Iraqi forces crucial, but also support for moderate Syrian rebels who are fighting both against Assad's forces and against is militia. Meanwhile, fighting continues in Kobane with no end in sight. Confrontations between Kurdish Peshmerga and is militants have been ongoing for more than 40 days in the battle to capture this Syrian city located within several kilometres of the Turkish border. The arrival of reinforcements of Iraqi Kurds and support by way of raids by the International Coalition have enabled the cutoff of jihadist supply routes. The Kurds have also received important support from groups of Syrian rebels. 




St. Peter’s Square

June 17, 2019