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​Ulema women in Morocco

“Increasing the number of Ulema women” in the religious institutions in Morocco: these are the recent directives imparted by the king of the North African country. Mahomet vi, told the Minister of Islamic Affairs, “By increasing the number of experts in religion in the Supreme Council and in the Regional Councils of the Ulema”, the intention is “to strengthen the representation of women in the citizens’ spiritual context”. This decision confirms, one reads further in the communiqué, “the great hopes the king has of the role of women and their substantial contribution to the realization of a global rebirth of the community”. For many years in Morocco – Mahomet vi has reigned since 1999 – initiatives have been recorded for the reinforcement of the female role. In 2005, for example, the figure of the murchidat was promoted, that is, of the women preachers responsible for passing religious values on to women and children in prisons, hospitals, workplaces and associations. 




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 18, 2019