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Two million syrian children affected

Syrian children are paying the highest price for the conflict taking place in the country: the violence in fact has managed to hit more than one million eight hundred thousand children. “The risk of them becoming a lost generation is growing every day” : yet another voice that is trying to draw attention to this drama is UNICEF, which tells of arrests, murders and mutilations. One fifth of Syrian schools have been damaged, seriously compromising the education of hundreds of thousands of children. Over five hundred thousand have already fled to Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt, often ending up in refugee camps. The greater part of the displaced in the camp of Atmeh, on the border between Syria and Turkey, are, for example, children. Many of them have witnessed atrocious events, some have lost family members and many suffer from insomnia or are afraid of loud noises such as those of aircraft. Among the tents of the camp, created when Turkey drastically reduced the entry of Syrians blocking thousands at the border, it is easy to meet children who gather wood or carry water. Only rarely do you see any of them play. Every day people continue to arrive, but there are insufficient tents and food supplies.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 25, 2020