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Twenty years in the nomad camp of Villapizzone
in the suburbs of Milan

More than a century ago the Archbishop of Milan, Giovanni Battista Montini, was the first to take an interest in the children of the nomad camp of Villapizzone, in the parish of St. Martin on the northern outskirts of Milan, entrusting them to Father Mario Riboldi and Father Luigi Peraboni. Then, twenty years ago, the Daughters of Mary, who over time have literally transformed the community, made up of about thirty families of Harvati Roma and Kalderasa Roma arrived. A small workshop used to package clothing; courses to learn how to read and write; a trailer converted into a place of prayer; sacramental preparation; enrollment of all children in both primary and high schools. "Together, priests, religious and lay people share the joy and hope of these Sinti and Roma brothers and sisters - Sister Angela Anzani and Sister Teresina Pesenti told “The Salesian Bulletin”- so that the camp may become more and more a home and space for a new life. Overcoming, in this way, the boundaries, for everybody. "




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 21, 2020