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Tweet in Latin? Delicious

· Over 205,000 following @Pontifex_ln ·

“The Pope's tweets in Latin are as beautiful a success as they were unexpected” one reads on the website of the weekly Le Point. Two years after the launch, this account as crossed the threshold of 205,000 followers, more than follow the Pope in German or Arabic. “A shortness of vocabulary is never a problem in Latin”, Msgr Daniel Gallagher, an official of the Holy See's Secretariat of State, told the French newspaper. “Most of what we need,” he continued, “we already have from literature. The rest we can make up, but we must do so reasonably and carefully. There’s not a language in the world that can’t accommodate new terms.”

“It's comforting to receive fragments of pure thought on a daily basis”, said Isabelle Poinsot, a Parisian fan of Papa Franciscus @Pontifex_ln, “and I find his blend of modernity and antiquity through the medium of language delicious”. In this way, according to Gallagher, the language of Cicero “is not limited to any particular time or place. It communicates to anyone at anytime. It transcends history. And with his epigrams – short, sweet, and to the point – Martial was already composing tweets two millennia ago.”




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 27, 2020