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A turning point

A new website for L’ Osservatore Romano

More news, more photos, more sharing through social networks, and above all, the editions of the newspaper printed in the Vatican will be accessible at, as L’Osservatore Romano renews and broadens its online presence and the information service it offers to the world. The new website was launched on Tuesday 17 December, Pope Francis’ birthday. The restyling of the site was carried out in cooperation with the Pontifical Council for Social Communications and, regarding technical matters, by the Spanish agency 101. During the transition, a valuable contribution was also made by the Holy See’s Internet Office, which in 1995 assisted L’Osservatore Romano in making their network launch onto the Vatican’s website In 2011, on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s election, the office also collaborated in the launch of the newspaper’s own website.

With innovative graphics and a substantial improvement in accessibility, the new site marks a turning point in the spread of the newspaper. Together with the daily Italian edition, in fact, the other weekly editions - in French, English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish - and the monthly edition in Polish, will also be able to be read online by any user at no cost, and with no registration needed. The editions will also be made available on smartphones and tablets at the same time they are being printed by the Vatican Printing Press.

L’ Osservatore Romano’s audience of online readers, which already extends from the Vatican to New Zealand, will thus be enabled to extend even further. Even in those areas which are more difficult and expensive to reach with traditional means of distributing printed newspapers, everyone will be offered the opportunity of timely access to first-hand information on the activities of the Pope and the Holy See. Translated into seven languages, the site's editions will provide summaries of papal addresses, speeches and documents, along with reflections and contributions on current international, cultural and religious events.

Another aspect of the site that has been refined is its ability to link with the world of social networking. Each page can easily be relaunched on Twitter and Facebook, thus multiplying the opportunities for sharing and discussion. A stream of data will also enable the real-time exchange of information between the information portal of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications ( and the newspaper’s site.

A little more than a century and a half after its founding, L’ Osservatore Romano is taking on this new adventure in the digital world. It is a great editorial and organizational undertaking to which readers will be able freely to contribute their support. A safe and secure transaction system will allow readers to make donations that will help the service to continue and to constantly improve. It will also allow them to share in what has always been the mission of the Vatican newspaper: to combine communication and communion.

Piero Di Domenicantonio




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 23, 2019