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Trappist nuns in prayer between the weapons

"We have been in Syria for more than eight years and we have been able to experience that the coexistence between Muslims and Christians was very strong indeed"  Sister Marta Luisa Fagnani, tells our colleague Nicola Gori. She is the Superior of the Trappist monastery which is in Syria, in a small village almost bordering with Lebanon. Here the religious came, along with other nuns from the community of Valserena in Tuscany soon after the death of the monks massacred in Tibhirine, Algeria, in 1996. "After this tragedy, there was an appeal to the whole order and our community of Valserena felt challenged by the testimony of these men of prayer." Today the contemplative life of the monastery is punctuated by gunfire. When asked if the prayer will be able to stop the gunfire, Sister Marta Luisa says, "Prayer is powerful, we are convinced of that, otherwise we would not have chosen our life. Prayer is not something devotional, it is not a haven of peace. It is a powerful weapon but at the same time a  peaceful one. It touches the heart, it has a force of its own."




St. Peter’s Square

Aug. 24, 2019