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Thousands of migrants
on the coast of Italy

· ​Landings have not ceased ·

It has been one of the largest surges of migrants to the coast of Italy. In three days, according to Frontex (the European agency for border management), 5,500 people have been rescued. A dozen smugglers have been arrested including four Egyptians in Crotone, Calabria. Just yesterday more than one thousand Syrians, Palestinians and Moroccans landed in Pozzallo, Sicily, including 170 children and at least 40 infants. Doctors found 300 cases of scabies and five cases of chicken pox. In a note, Frontex explained that participating in the rescue operation in the Mediterranean were British, Maltese, Belgian and Italian vessels as well as Icelandic and Finnish planes in Operation Triton. “This is the biggest wave of migrants we have seen in 2015”, said Executive Director Fabrice Leggeri of Frontex. “The new vessels that joined operation Triton this week have already saved hundreds of people”, he added. The rescue operations, which began last Friday, involved migrants who departed from Libya on 25 boats. Also according to Frontex, during the incidents, the rescuers also recovered seventeen bodies.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 27, 2020